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Revamps: 2009 Fashion Shows

  Hi everyone!! I finally had some time to finish revamping the guides for Emma’s fashion show appearances in 2009… which were only two! So this is a short update, but both are great looks: the William Tempest F/W 2009 and Burberry S/S 2010 RTW shows. I hope you’ll enjoy my take on them.

My next revamps will be three amazing fashion event looks from 2010 and 2011, and with that the Fashion Events section will be fully revamped! I know you must be waiting for the guides for Emma’s Vogue UK cover shoot, but I’m afraid Sarah would probably be able to have those done sooner than I could promise! Have a nice week!

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Revamps: Another Photo Shoot

072915 Happy Wednesday everyone! Today I have another 2011 photo shoot revamp for you all!

Emma posed for a cover shoot for Seventeen Magazine where she wore pretty casual looks that are easy to recreate!

I hope you all enjoy these four revamped guides! Have a safe and happy rest of your week! Read More »

Revamp: ELLE France Photo Shoot

072615 Happy Sunday everyone! Have you all had a good weekend? Today I have another set of photo shoot revamped guides for you all! Emma had a photo shoot with ELLE France Magazine in 2011! There are 6 guides in total!

I hope you enjoy these guides! They’re all pretty easy to recreate! Have a great week everyone! Read More »

Revamp: Teen Vogue (2005)

072415 All right! I have the first set of the newest photo shoot revamps!

Emma’s photo shoot and cover shoot for Teen Vogue in 2005! There are 5 guides to see! I hope you all enjoy them!

I’ll keep working on older photo shoot revamps! Have a great Friday and a safe and happy weekend everyone! Read More »

Revamps: Final 2010 Photo Shoot

072215 All right! I finally finished all the 2010 photo shoot revamps! My final set is for Emma’s photo shoot for the relaunching of her official website: Emma Watson Official shot by Andrea Carter-Bowman! There are 6 new revamps in total!

Enjoy these guides everyone! I’ll keep working on revamps for now! Have a safe and happy rest of your week! Read More »

July 15th London Candid

072015 Let’s end this old week and start Monday off with a brand new guide! On July 15th Emma was spotted in London, England after finishing some errands. She wore a black turtleneck top with a pair of black sweatpant trousers and a pair of cream and tan sandals.

I hope you all enjoy this guide! Have a safe and happy week!

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Revamps: P.F.W. 2008 – Pt. 3

Hi gals!! I’ve been busy, but I have the last two revamped guides of Emma’s looks at the 2008 Paris Fashion Week: Yves Saint Laurent S/S 2009 and Chanel S/S 2009. Two completely different styles that were fun to recreate, so I hope you’ll find the guides useful!

My next revamps will be of the three fashion shows Emma attended in 2009, which are also very different from each other but stunningly so. Have a good Friday!

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Quick Make-Up Guide

071515b I have a really quick make-up guide today! While I was working on the revamp for Emma’s photo shoot shot by Joel Ryan, I kept noticing Emma’s make-up!
I kept thinking that it’s really lovely so I decided to create a guide for it! Her look is really easy to do, it only takes a few steps. The colors are really nice, they’d be great for any formal event or even a casual day.

I hope you all enjoy it! Read More »

2010 Revamps: Vogue (UK)

071515 Phew! All right! I have another set of revamped guides! This time it’s Emma’s photo shoot with Vogue (UK). There are 7 guides in total! Many of these guides are perfect for formal events!

I hope you all enjoy these guides and have a great rest of your week!

I’ll continue to work on these revamps! Read More »

Revamps: More 2010 Photo Shoots

071315 Hello everyone! Let’s start off this new week with some more 2010 photo shoot revamps! This time I have a revamp of an unknown photo shoot of Emma that was shot by Joel Ryan.

I also have a set of three revamps of guides that I made when I first started working on the site! Back then my images looked a little squashed so I went back and edited them and updated the alternate looks. Those guides are for Emma’s photo shoot with Women’s Wear Daily!

Have a safe and happy week everyone! I’ll keep working on the 2010 photo shoot revamps! Read More »

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